Keeping Your Pet Enriched This Winter

If the weather outside is too frigid and snowy for your pet, never fear! You can keep them entertained inside with a variety of interactive games and toys that will help chase away wintertime boredom. Get creative and have fun while providing plenty of physical activity to revitalize their energy.

#1: Create a wish list for your pet to guide gift-giving

As we approach gift-giving holidays, family and friends may be tempted to spoil your pet with all kinds of toys and treats. Encourage their thoughtful shopping by suggesting items that are fun and stimulating for your furry friend! Some ideas include:

  • Food and treat puzzles
  • Interactive toys (e.g., robotic mouse, ball launcher)
  • Long-lasting chews
  • Stuffable treat holders
  • App-controlled treat dispensers

Revamp your pet’s toy selection by swapping their toys with new ones on a daily or weekly basis. This way, you will be able to entertain them while also learning which of the items they enjoy most! That way, come wintertime, when it’s harder for our furry friends to play outdoors, you can make sure that only their favorite toys are part of the rotation and boredom does not set in.

#2: Design an indoor agility course

Cold weather should never be an excuse to keep your pet from getting their daily workout. Create a fun and stimulating agility course tailored specifically for them in the safety of indoors! You don’t need fancy equipment; just use items you already have around your home, like furniture, blankets, and toys that can serve as jumps, weave poles, or obstacles to crawl through or under. Even cats can learn how to complete this exciting indoor circuit – so get ready for some furry fitness with your family pet this winter season!

#3: Craft homemade treat puzzles

Does your beloved pet experience sheer joy when they sink their teeth into a tasty treat? As winter approaches, it can be tricky to find ways to keep them busy and entertained without giving in to the temptation of slipping them too many snacks. Instead of overfeeding them this season, why not create an interactive puzzle that rewards their curiosity with treats! Not only are there plenty of commercial products available for purchase but you can also craft your own DIY version using recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes & tubes, crumpled paper, plastic water bottles, and fabric scraps.

Inadequate physical and mental stimulation can lead to a host of medical and behavioral issues in pets. Don’t let the winter weather turn your pet’s boredom into excessive grooming, inappropriate elimination, or other problems. With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can keep them entertained until outdoor conditions improve. Contact our team for help.